Neuroscience National Center

A great building for scientific use where the lab pieces occupy almost the entire program . They are disposed forming bands , slightly nterlaced in section, as means of expression to form a representative and accessible green fronts with parking spaces .
A "comb-shape" scheme easily provides the future extensions, as optimizes management facilities, maintenance and registration. The "more urban" west front offers a neutral and pixilated image,because orf the offices and common areas.

Europan 10 in Dietikon

To make truly radical decisions about the city, to link different stakeholders in order to create sustainable forms of living, to develop new concepts for the public , our visions have to be clear and able to conceive the thinking of urban space as a choreographic composition with realistic rules and negotiation mechanisms.
Office Building in Sevilla
The generation of a project with the capacity to become an icon that crystallizes its companies willingness , a desire for innovation and technology, research, and the entrepreneurial future of the city.

To Concentrate on building height and freeing up maximum space on the plot to give the district a large public square in order to overcome the shortage of such spaces in the district.
Europan 9 in Catania
second prize

A systemic and adaptable to different phases solution for the future development of the city that can turn the area into a new source of social strength in the city.

SYNERGY and GROWTH are the concepts that occur in a simultaneous process, with two distinct interventions:

GROUND: treatment of respecting the pre-existing base fabric. SUPERSTRUCTURE: construction system to release the ground plane and be flexible in the planning stages.

Europan 9 in Kotka
second prize
We propose operations that reflect the urban space as a choreographic construction, with rules and implicit negotiation mechanisms among its users, convinced that there`s no enviromentally sustainable community if it is not also socially. The management strategy is summarized in: An INFRASTRUCTURAL BASE FABRIC that contains internal communications, three residential typologies and social and tertiary use spaces and...
some INTERSTITIAL EMPTIES between the urban fabric that are the biggest green recreational use areas.
Mixed Tower in Costa Rica
first prize

Rising above the skyline of San Jose in Costa Rica, set right in front the Sabana Park, the new “Central Park” of the city, a recreational area in continuous construction development.

The building offers an ideal model of sustainable urban living by reducing reliance on transport and balancing energy consumption between its mixed-use program of day- and night-time activities. Program include mixed commercial and retail spaces together with a business centre, offices, conference rooms, hotel floors and Casino.