TRAM stop in Alicante
second prize
Urban light-woven interface

"A tram stop is not an another obstacle in the city but a gateway to other parts of it "

We use enlightenment as a resource to provide a changing image, texture and identity to the piece , making it a city icon both for the user and for the city as a whole.
Almodovar´s route sculpture
We understand the three-dimensional sculpture as a foto-novella which can display their development both biographical and as a film , often inseparable aspects. A n important dual way that inspires the design of the piece through ten frames that composes it.

Fotonovela is not simply a beautiful object, it tries to integrate and create public space, inviting the participation of park visitors and being always activated.
Murcia Architecture Awards
{st v24}

CATALOG: The publication is presented to the reader through a cover that abstracts the map of the Murcia Region .In the interior of the book, the works are the protagonists.

EXHIBITION: Following the aesthetic of the publication ,is integrated in a topography made of 21 transverse stripes folded cardboard.
Therefore, each strip serves as a support for a project and generates an attractive landscape that invites to be traveled by the visitor.

Premios Regionales
diseño de catálogo y exposición

Cada proyecto premiado se sintetiza en unidades mínimas vinculadas a los materiales que caracterizan las obras construidas. A modo de píxeles se van agregando para configurar 23 figuras diferentes, una por galardón.

Esta idea de agregación y combinación de píxeles sirve como elemento generador de la línea de diseño propuesta. Desde la tipografía hasta el troquel de la portada, diplomas, invitaciones… todo se construye a partir de la combinatoria de los pequeños cuadrados negros