European Business Centre
first prize
Based on the study of growth stage system based on the surface type module for the accommodation of individual firms (25.50 and 100m2), the proposal is generated.

The result is a grid which is hierarchical by the appearance of different green-treatment courtyards opened to the modules.
Buildings T+D in Espinardo
second prize
Refurbishmente and adaptation project for two existing buildings and a public space in between.

We propose a ground floor intervention of a transverse linking for both buildings with a central garden . Through a system of "banding" that creates a tapestry that interlockis green spaces with pavilions , lthe boundaries between ttwo buildings. are blur, In search of a more unitary image
Office Building in Sevilla
The generation of a project with the capacity to become an icon that crystallizes its companies willingness , a desire for innovation and technology, research, and the entrepreneurial future of the city.

To Concentrate on building height and freeing up maximum space on the plot to give the district a large public square in order to overcome the shortage of such spaces in the district.
Business centre in San josé
{st 34}

"The work space as an exciting place for the employee, and also as space in the memory of every customer who visits him."

The ORO Business Centre is a 3 storey building for offices .It is the total action support, acting as a backdrop, as well as main character, depending on the scale from which it is beeing used.

Advanced Studies Institute

Essentially a urban intervention. A complex site to make a clear response, marked by the presence of the historic wall on which we´ll act as a backdrop.

A building that, for one side responds in a schematic way to the building attached, to become an abstract, fragmented and neutral piece by using a partially open ceramic pieces coating, working as a lattice.

Tertiary Building in Alicante
Preliminary Project

A construction that, after a brief look of it, will get the attention of the driver from the pathway , which looks out. On the other hand the place, full of large trees encourages us to propose a building that integrates and dialogue with it, participating in outdoor spaces, recognizing them as resting, relationship, end even working places.

A "sponged " operation where the interstitial spaces that the building itself generates in its relation to the plot where it belongs, are enhanced