Advanced Studies Institute

Essentially a urban intervention. A complex site to make a clear response, marked by the presence of the historic wall on which we´ll act as a backdrop.

A building that, for one side responds in a schematic way to the building attached, to become an abstract, fragmented and neutral piece by using a partially open ceramic pieces coating, working as a lattice.

Services Building in Escombreras
A simple geometry but structurally radical building to be inserted as a milestone in a maritime environment and accommodate the required spaces by the port authority.

Three rectangular boxes of the same proportions are stacked along three main directions perpendicular to each other creating two large public porches under its overhangs.
Hall of Residence at the UMH
A plot linked to a traffic road . The vision in movement of the building The absence of built references nearby.

The use of a compact layout space organization through a circular plan. A large central semi-outside communications and relationship area structures the whole proposal.
Tertiary Building in Alicante
Preliminary Project

A construction that, after a brief look of it, will get the attention of the driver from the pathway , which looks out. On the other hand the place, full of large trees encourages us to propose a building that integrates and dialogue with it, participating in outdoor spaces, recognizing them as resting, relationship, end even working places.

A "sponged " operation where the interstitial spaces that the building itself generates in its relation to the plot where it belongs, are enhanced