European Business Centre
first prize
Based on the study of growth stage system based on the surface type module for the accommodation of individual firms (25.50 and 100m2), the proposal is generated.

The result is a grid which is hierarchical by the appearance of different green-treatment courtyards opened to the modules.
Intergenerational Center in Palma

The proposal responds to an area located right on the border between two different urban patterns . The building facade intended to reflect this through a transition of different scales of hollow, from larger and more public, ones, to the most domestic and small ones. The cover shot makes up a significant part that defines the image of the building at urban level. It aims to promote the use of their spaces and relate them to a compositional languag linked to an organic image.

Multifunctional Center in Caravaca
A sweeping and sculptural piece, obtained by optimizing the capable volume of an auditorium with 1087 seats. The inclination of the theatre hall, next to the space of the stage, generates "V" shaped volume, clearly identifiable in its northern facade, which aims to become a new monumental icon for Caravaca . The upper end of the hall forms the main facade (E), as a large projecting balcony which rises above a square generated by the partially burying of the proposed program.
High School in Sagunto
{st competition 9
We offer an alternative to distribution spaces, commonly developed in linear schemes such as "comb", where they function as mere few interesting and low usability corridors Our project articulates the intended program around a large central space of communication and relationship, crossed by courtyards that qualify some so versatile areas A place to talk, enjoy temporary exhibitions etc. ..
Film Library in Albacete

A logical , compact and economical tresponse to solve a complex problem. As result, two buildings which integrate colorful programs and difficult compatibility requirements between them.

Functional economic and constructively feasibility; own image and identity ,well differenced for each building; strictest Compliance with the program; flexible and modular spaces, and architectural and environmental quality are the studied criteria in the making of this project.

Buildings T+D in Espinardo
second prize
Refurbishmente and adaptation project for two existing buildings and a public space in between.

We propose a ground floor intervention of a transverse linking for both buildings with a central garden . Through a system of "banding" that creates a tapestry that interlockis green spaces with pavilions , lthe boundaries between ttwo buildings. are blur, In search of a more unitary image