Cultural Center in Salobral
third prize

The proposal aims for integrating applications in a clear and unequivocal volume that allows each program to operate separately and simultaneously have visual relation to all activities through common areas, patios and terraces.

The project is organized according to a structural modulated grid. It allows a flexible and economic construction that generates a piece full of nuances and rhythms.

University Sociocultural Center
third prize

We considered the need to somehow break the excessive length of the resulting piece to insert the proposed program respecting the urban constraints.

We proposed a "small turns" operation at the extremes or "heads" of the building, searching for new visual, light and terraced spaces.,embracing the most unique program. finding a more symbolic singularity..

Indoor Pool in Chinchilla

The project defines an irregular L shaped piece which is based on the existing wall and reaches its height, hosting all building services in alternation with the appearance of some courts, providing light to the stays and natural ventilation.

The cover makes use of the possibilities offered by the singular topography of Chinchilla to become part of it, beeing conceived as an expressive industrial reflexes and bent metalic flats landscape .

Wi-Fi Pavilion
first prize

The idea of the project is the construction of an exportable concept of wifi-media pavilion located in the heart of a university campus. The building performs as a virtual interface providing public internet access and a singular meeting spot for students to hung out, and relax . The star/shaped pavilion is divided into 5 different spaces surrounding a central courtyard that guaranties maximum natural lighting and ventilation.The island raises 1.5 meters from the natural level of the ground though a white gravel landscape.

Agrarian Chamber in Murcia

The institution of a company from the same construction of his space, with the ambition of creating a unique place. A belief that institutional support is closely linked to the spatial support, in order to find a place that every worker is identified with.

An outright building in his image and , at the same time, sensitive in its relationship with the user, with its immediate surroundings and from their own material construction and spatial configuration.
Technological Center in F.Álamo
first prize

A complex articulation program to solve at urban level (future building construction on the same site) as well as at the main building (Special pieces dimensions, equipment and machinery).

The proposal brings together all the uses in a single gesture as generates a common access square at the city level . Outwardly, the building wears a metal skin with variable texture and transparences, integrated with the existing gaps and lighting.