Intergenerational Center in Palma

The proposal responds to an area located right on the border between two different urban patterns . The building facade intended to reflect this through a transition of different scales of hollow, from larger and more public, ones, to the most domestic and small ones. The cover shot makes up a significant part that defines the image of the building at urban level. It aims to promote the use of their spaces and relate them to a compositional languag linked to an organic image.

Multifunctional Center in Caravaca
A sweeping and sculptural piece, obtained by optimizing the capable volume of an auditorium with 1087 seats. The inclination of the theatre hall, next to the space of the stage, generates "V" shaped volume, clearly identifiable in its northern facade, which aims to become a new monumental icon for Caravaca . The upper end of the hall forms the main facade (E), as a large projecting balcony which rises above a square generated by the partially burying of the proposed program.
High School in Sagunto
{st competition 9
We offer an alternative to distribution spaces, commonly developed in linear schemes such as "comb", where they function as mere few interesting and low usability corridors Our project articulates the intended program around a large central space of communication and relationship, crossed by courtyards that qualify some so versatile areas A place to talk, enjoy temporary exhibitions etc. ..
Europan 10 in Dietikon

To make truly radical decisions about the city, to link different stakeholders in order to create sustainable forms of living, to develop new concepts for the public , our visions have to be clear and able to conceive the thinking of urban space as a choreographic composition with realistic rules and negotiation mechanisms.
Mixed Tower in Costa Rica
first prize

Rising above the skyline of San Jose in Costa Rica, set right in front the Sabana Park, the new “Central Park” of the city, a recreational area in continuous construction development.

The building offers an ideal model of sustainable urban living by reducing reliance on transport and balancing energy consumption between its mixed-use program of day- and night-time activities. Program include mixed commercial and retail spaces together with a business centre, offices, conference rooms, hotel floors and Casino.

Housing in Costa Rica
first prize

With a site with an average gradient of 18%, the proposed housing solution is stair-shaped,adapting to the different irregularities and creating viewpoint terraces, areas, porches, courtyards and stands.

The roofs become a main character in the project, both for its presence within the performance as by their status as high quality contemplative and useful spaces...