Film Library in Albacete

A logical , compact and economical tresponse to solve a complex problem. As result, two buildings which integrate colorful programs and difficult compatibility requirements between them.

Functional economic and constructively feasibility; own image and identity ,well differenced for each building; strictest Compliance with the program; flexible and modular spaces, and architectural and environmental quality are the studied criteria in the making of this project.

Neuroscience National Center

A great building for scientific use where the lab pieces occupy almost the entire program . They are disposed forming bands , slightly nterlaced in section, as means of expression to form a representative and accessible green fronts with parking spaces .
A "comb-shape" scheme easily provides the future extensions, as optimizes management facilities, maintenance and registration. The "more urban" west front offers a neutral and pixilated image,because orf the offices and common areas.

Buildings T+D in Espinardo
second prize
Refurbishmente and adaptation project for two existing buildings and a public space in between.

We propose a ground floor intervention of a transverse linking for both buildings with a central garden . Through a system of "banding" that creates a tapestry that interlockis green spaces with pavilions , lthe boundaries between ttwo buildings. are blur, In search of a more unitary image
Office Building in Sevilla
The generation of a project with the capacity to become an icon that crystallizes its companies willingness , a desire for innovation and technology, research, and the entrepreneurial future of the city.

To Concentrate on building height and freeing up maximum space on the plot to give the district a large public square in order to overcome the shortage of such spaces in the district.
Cultural Center in Salobral
third prize

The proposal aims for integrating applications in a clear and unequivocal volume that allows each program to operate separately and simultaneously have visual relation to all activities through common areas, patios and terraces.

The project is organized according to a structural modulated grid. It allows a flexible and economic construction that generates a piece full of nuances and rhythms.

University Sociocultural Center
third prize

We considered the need to somehow break the excessive length of the resulting piece to insert the proposed program respecting the urban constraints.

We proposed a "small turns" operation at the extremes or "heads" of the building, searching for new visual, light and terraced spaces.,embracing the most unique program. finding a more symbolic singularity..