European Business Centre
first prize
Based on the study of growth stage system based on the surface type module for the accommodation of individual firms (25.50 and 100m2), the proposal is generated.

The result is a grid which is hierarchical by the appearance of different green-treatment courtyards opened to the modules.
Indoor Pool in Chinchilla

The project defines an irregular L shaped piece which is based on the existing wall and reaches its height, hosting all building services in alternation with the appearance of some courts, providing light to the stays and natural ventilation.

The cover makes use of the possibilities offered by the singular topography of Chinchilla to become part of it, beeing conceived as an expressive industrial reflexes and bent metalic flats landscape .

Public Spaces in Pliego
first prize
Two differentiated plots separated by a road with some gaps, makes us to choose an extensive intervention, where the overlap of a clear geometric pattern as a big tapestry, will solve the different approaches, and helps us to configure a new street level . Otherwise, It allows us to blur and reconfigure the existing notion of urban space by generating a new focus of public activity that serves to link it to Pliego center.
Europan 9 in Catania
second prize

A systemic and adaptable to different phases solution for the future development of the city that can turn the area into a new source of social strength in the city.

SYNERGY and GROWTH are the concepts that occur in a simultaneous process, with two distinct interventions:

GROUND: treatment of respecting the pre-existing base fabric. SUPERSTRUCTURE: construction system to release the ground plane and be flexible in the planning stages.

Europan 9 in Kotka
second prize
We propose operations that reflect the urban space as a choreographic construction, with rules and implicit negotiation mechanisms among its users, convinced that there`s no enviromentally sustainable community if it is not also socially. The management strategy is summarized in: An INFRASTRUCTURAL BASE FABRIC that contains internal communications, three residential typologies and social and tertiary use spaces and...
some INTERSTITIAL EMPTIES between the urban fabric that are the biggest green recreational use areas.
Murcia Architecture Awards
{st v24}

CATALOG: The publication is presented to the reader through a cover that abstracts the map of the Murcia Region .In the interior of the book, the works are the protagonists.

EXHIBITION: Following the aesthetic of the publication ,is integrated in a topography made of 21 transverse stripes folded cardboard.
Therefore, each strip serves as a support for a project and generates an attractive landscape that invites to be traveled by the visitor.