Urban Park in Villafranqueza
Sport Facilities

We propose a new park concept , linked more to action than to the contemplative way, and serving as a stage for entertainment culture linked to sport, the cult of the body, activities and outdoor life.

The entire park functions as a great sports circuit through a continuous ribbon that weaves together the programs and activities proposed.

Pool and public square in Relleu
{st 33}

To maximize such an investment for a small town, the project aims to be enriched with some "extra" programs without a significant budget increase.

The site is located at the edge of the town, a representative place where the building may becomes a "welcome icon". The difference elevation between the site and the upper street can tailor the program by using the cover as a public viewpoint-square.

Housing in Rojales
detached housing
The alternative was to look oneself, look at the sky through landscaped areas, and rediscovering a new relationship with the neighbor, which is no longer an unknown and attached enemy .

We Integrate public and residential space in a dense, spongy residential tissue with visual richness and climatic comfort. A micro-city built with modest finishes affordable housing which are thought to enjoy a relationship with the outside through the garden, terrace and even the cover.
Portman's Bay Regeneration
first prize

"9000 tons of pollutants discharged daily for 30 years. The greatest environmental disaster the Mediterranean". An enviromental, economic, and social sustainable solution , technically supported by pioneering experiences in contaminated soils treatment. A waterfront with a 1300 m. beach and a green park where contaminated ground is stabilized in dunes and setting a new landscape .A marina capable of monetizing the proposal and making the town breathe ttowards the sea as once did.

Assisted apartment building
{st 38}
A complicated plot in a rocky mountain with steep slopes full of pines and surrounded by housing developments. A program that consists of a day center and assisted apartments for the elderly.

The solution is a strong horizontal scheme , as suspended "arms" on an artificial supports "forest" respecting the existing nature. The "corridor apartmentes"will be modulated, flexible, functional and open to the landscape.