Housing in Villena
single house
The housing scheme, planned for a newlywed couple, reflects the intention of turning their night-and -day units towards a large patio perpendicular to the facade, closing a street of little visual interest street .

The patio is generated by separating the building from the middling 3.5 m along its length and E orientation. This determines a band that is partly developed on the ground floor, forming a small garden, and, primarily, a first floor as a terrace.
TRAM stop in Alicante
second prize
Urban light-woven interface

"A tram stop is not an another obstacle in the city but a gateway to other parts of it "

We use enlightenment as a resource to provide a changing image, texture and identity to the piece , making it a city icon both for the user and for the city as a whole.
Technological Center in F.Álamo
first prize

A complex articulation program to solve at urban level (future building construction on the same site) as well as at the main building (Special pieces dimensions, equipment and machinery).

The proposal brings together all the uses in a single gesture as generates a common access square at the city level . Outwardly, the building wears a metal skin with variable texture and transparences, integrated with the existing gaps and lighting.