Monday, 20 February 2012 18:14


Moho Arquitectos, as part of LABSANESTEBAN Team, one of the 6 selected projects in the second phase of the Competition for the definition of the Interpretation Center of Medieval Murcia in the archaeological site of San Esteban, with the proposal named: JAYUN KABIR: PARADISE CITY

The proposed project responds to a double challenge: on one hand to protect and conserve the site, so it is possible his visit and also the research on the remains. On the other, to recover the public space that for so many years was San Estban Gardens. This raises a large deck on the square, under which the deposit is protected and can be visited, and above which generates a natural topography with a public garden, a large and diverse green space that smoothly connects with the urban environment.

It is important to remember that the current economic situation hampers the development of a project with this magnitude. In order to respond to this problem Labsanesteban proposal is set up in phases, so that different parts of the project can go rushing attending to the economic disposition of the moment. Besides this, bioclimatic strategies of efficiency and energy savings for the project has been taken in account , in order to make the project become economically and environmentally sustainable.